Infinite Drag Wall

Draggable Image Boxes on Infinite Drag Wall with jQuery available on CodeGrape

This script is used primarily to create a wall of images scrollable in any direction, this wall is composed of many image tiles arranged to cover a defined area on the screen according to their individual size. Changing the screen size will change the number of tiles on the screen but not their size. This script can be used within any html page, it does not use any layout in particular, fits its contents to the container dimensions and according to the size defined for the tiles.
However, this script can also be used to display horizontally or vertically tiled images. An alternative example is also available.

This script is not intended to keep the images displayed in a certain order or according to the initial sort: for performance and design reasons, tiles/images off the screen will be removed, new tiles will contain the subsequent images to the latest that have been removed in that row/column. This prevents the wall to show the images always in the same order during dragging and is useful in the case of a few pictures and small tiles repeating in large areas of the page.

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